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A very wise flooring manufacturer once said, "If you keep doin' what you've been doin', you'll keep gettin' what you've been gettin' ". Brownett Consulting recognizes that business managers can sometimes get so wrapped up in the complexities of their daily routines, that they may lose sight of simple opportunities to improve their businesses. Brownett Consulting offers a fresh, knowledge based perspective to help you stop "... gettin' what you've been gettin' " and start gettin' more!

Brownett Consulting specializes in organizational development, B2B and B2C sales and marketing strategy, product development, web tactics, recruiting and training, service excellence, logistics, installation & technical support and M&A arrangements. The firm's services are tailored to your business, your challenges and your people. Our objective is to get your business "going and growing". Our work produces tangible, bottom line results. We use the fundamental framework of your existing business model to cultivate the products, strategies and behaviors necessary for success in today's challenging, market driven business environment.

Brownett Consulting will not accept an assignment unless it believes that the client will truly gain an advantage.

If you are interested in learning more about the growth opportunities that Brownett Consulting can provide for you and your company, give us a call at +1-908-872-0887 or contact us by email at

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Starnet Creates Healthcare Marketing Program Joins AAHID

Branchburg, NJ, January 14, 2011: Based on the Starnet Membership’s response to a live presentation by Harry Brownett of Brownett Consulting during its recent Fall Membership Meeting and a follow-up webinar in December 2010, the Starnet Board has authorized the creation of “Starnet Healthcare.” This 2011 marketing initiative is a unique approach to enable Starnet Members to capture a larger share of the healthcare market for commercial flooring.

Central to this plan is Starnet joining The American Academy of Healthcare Designers (AAHID). Starnet is pleased to announce that it has been accepted by AAHID and is now recognized as a “Platinum Level Service Partner” of the organization.

The process of training and testing is comprehensive and valid. Brownett Consulting will conduct training and testing on behalf of Starnet and the AAHID. Qualified candidates who enroll in the Starnet Healthcare program will receive preparation materials, participate in web-based learning, and be required to pass a test. Those Members who successfully complete the Starnet Healthcare Certification will differentiate themselves through knowledge and be better prepared as a resource to A&D clients and end-users in the healthcare market.

The AAHID will be reviewing and advising on the validity of information as it relates to current, generic health design issues. The program will not be a “design” credential. Starnet Members successfully completing the course will receive certificates that acknowledge that they have completed a comprehensive curriculum on health design that the AAHID recognizes as a meaningful commercial flooring sales training course. 

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SelecTech Sales Up 40%
AVON, MA, JAN 3, 2011: SelecTech, Inc., manufacturer of Freestyle, Freestyle ESD and other high recycled content modular interlocking floor tiles stated that its sales for the second half of 2010 were up 40% compared to the same period in 2009. Tom Ricciardelli, President of SelecTech says, "Brownett Consulting has definitely helped our sales growth." SelecTech, Inc. has been a Brownett Consulting client since July 2010.
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AAHID GIves Recognition Award To Harry Brownett
Las Vegas, NV, NOV 14, 2010: During the organization's annual breakfast meeting at the 2010 Healthcare Design Conference in Las Vegas, Jocelyn Stroupe, Board President of The American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers, (AAHID), presented a "Freind of the AAHID" recognition award to Harry Brownett, President of Brownett Consulting. Ms. Stroupe cited Mr. Brownett's years of dedicated support for the organization as the basis for the award. Harry Brownett has been activley supporting the AAHID since it's inception in 2005.
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